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Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to Make Epiphany to stay out of trouble all year!

Secrets: How to Make Epiphany to stay out of trouble all year!: "On January 6, we celebrate the baptism of Jesus Christ, Epiphany or Epiphany. Like countless festivals, which Christians celebrate the rest of them, and this event has a few traditions and customs. Read below to learn how to stay out of trouble, keeping wealth in the house. Here's what traditions you must meet: 1. Do not borrow money! Epiphany is not good neither to give nor to take the money lender as attract material damage in the house. 2. unmarried girls is the weird dreams. They must sit under a branch of basil pillow before bed, in Epiphany Eve. 3. Women do laundry! Another Epiphany tradition says that on this day, and the next, women are not allowed to wash clothes, otherwise they will attract trouble to the family. 4. Drink holy water to be healthy all year. If you want to stay away from diseases all year, drink every morning on an empty stomach, for 8 days, holy water. "

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