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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Increasing the size of your next cash out AMCO

5 tips for maximizing your AMCOs next month:
As we all look forward to next month, here are some tips for maximizing your AMCOs:

1.  Make sure your product sales are marked by customers as "Item Received"
When a customer purchases a product from you, as soon as they pay for it, their funds first appear in a pending state in your empowr balance.
After you ship the item and they receive it:
As soon as they click “Item Received”, the funds are released to you and:
  1. those earnings are no longer marked as “pending” in your empowr balance,
  2. the sale has become eligible for increasing your AMCO.
Those two reasons are why it’s incredibly important that you work with your buyers so that they click “Item Received”, otherwise you won’t receive your funds, of course…
… and of course that sale won’t contribute to your AMCO.
Let me make sure this last part was clear:
Until your item is marked “item Received” by the buyer…
… you don’t receive your earnings from that sale…
… and that sale won’t contribute to your AMCO cash out.

As an example (and reminder): The AMCO that you’ll receive at the end of the first week of February, will be calculated after considering:
  • the Daily Goals you hit in January AND…
  • your December product sales plus the items you sponsored or promoted (that sold in December).  
That means that you have the opportunity right now, in January, to reach out to your December buyers that failed to click “Item Received”…
… to make sure they do that.

But what if the buyer doesn’t respond and you’re having no luck in getting them to mark the item as “Item Received”?

2.  For unresponsive buyers, use the “Dispute transaction” feature
If your customer is unresponsive or unwilling to mark their purchase as "Item Received"…
… and you believe that you have successfully delivered to them the item as promised…
…  then you should file a dispute so that your Success Coach can help get the item marked as “item Received” for you.

To dispute a sale on empowr, simply locate the product on your "I've Sold" page and click "Dispute this transaction" from the actions dropdown:
From there, add the details of your specific case so that your Success Coach has as much information as possible. Include the tracking information from your sale to help prove that you successfully shipped your item.

When you submit your dispute, your success coach is notified, as is the success coach of the buyer – and the two success coaches will review the information to reach a conclusion.
Ultimately, if they cannot agree on a conclusion, the matter is escalated further so that a final decision can be reached.
Once the dispute process has completed, your sale will be marked as "Item Received" if it has been determined that you fulfilled your duty as a seller.

Process improvements on the way:
Just like everyone can rate sellers, we are working on a new process so that everyone can rate their buyers.
After that’s live, you’ll also be able to block buyers with poor “Buyer’s ratings” from bidding on or purchasing items from you.
Success Coaches:
We are working on an improved dispute process for you, to make this responsibility faster and more seamless and for you.
As an example, the seller’s tracking information will be automatically present in the dispute information as soon as you receive it, so you don’t need to ask for it or go looking for it.

3.  Use and enter tracking information when shipping products
When you ship products, try and always enter the tracking number for the product, as follows:
From your I’ve Sold page click “Add shipping details” from the actions dropdown. Then enter in your tracking number and any additional shipping information you’d like your customer to know.
By using and entering the tracking number, you accomplish two (2) things:
  1. You create happier customers, because now instead of your buyers wondering and worrying (and constantly asking you) about the status of the item they purchased from you…
…  they can simply visit the tracking page and see the exact location of their package as it flows through any of 380 different shipping systems worldwide that empowr’s systems are now communicating with.
(Creating happier customers also helps you get more sales and AMCOs, of course, because buyers almost always check out your Seller’s rating before they buy from you).

  1. If you ever need to dispute the transaction, you will have evidence of your delivery via the tracking number, which makes it much easier for the success coaches that are reviewing the process, to decide in your favor.

That is why you should always use tracking, and enter the tracking number into the platform as soon as possible.

4.  Triple the size of your AMCO using your Daily Earnings option
The easiest way, by far, of increasing the size of your AMCO…
… is by simply selecting the Silver, Gold or Platinum Daily Earnings options.

If you selected Gold or Platinum:  Your AMCOs automatically triple.
If you selected Silver:  Your AMCOs automatically double.
I cannot stress enough that (choosing the higher Daily Earnings options) is probably the easiest way to get ahead in empowr.

Try it for free
To triple your AMCO, simply drag the slider to the right, from the top of any profile or email from empowr:
 Increasing the size of your next cash out
So why not try it for free for 30 days, to see for yourself how easy it is to increase the size of your AMCOs?

Other important benefits
Along with larger AMCOs, selecting the Silver, Gold or Platinum option increases your daily profits from posting…
… which helps you ascend the power levels faster…
… which, in turn, further increases your earnings, AMCOs and more.
With the higher options, you also get more bonus bids, shares, listings and posts, of course.

If at all possible for you, upgrading is -- I can safely say -- a “no-brainer”…
… because it can pay for itself many times over…
… and you can even try it for free so you can be extra sure of its benefits beforehand.

5.   And finally, of course, always try and hit your Daily Goals
The more days you hit your Daily Goal, the larger your AMCO will be, at the end of each month.
And with the new roll forwards feature, hitting your Daily Goal is now easier than ever before.

Maximizing your January AMCOs
I hope that the above information has served as a helpful reminder to all of you. To maximize your AMCOs for January, be sure to do each of the 5 items above.
If any of your sales from December are not yet marked as "Item Received", it's time to get busy making that happen as you have just over 3 weeks left in the month before AMCOs are distributed around February 7th.
Good luck and happy selling!

Any questions? I'm here to help!

Brian Woosley
Your empowr presidentIncreasing the size of your next cash out:

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