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Monday, January 9, 2017

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CIVIL MARRIAGE in Beverly HIlls;
magdalenalazin - YouTube:

'via Blog this' TRANSCRIPTS: 0:00she's so beautiful here pulled it out 0:01for the daughter of year and you can 0:03stand next to your job 0:21I'm going to formally say your names to 0:25cover the ceremony and then i'm going to 0:26go on your first names throughout the 0:27remainder let me make sure I the 0:29pronunciation correct 0:30Cesar Andre alright and over 0:33magdalena lesson ok alright really 0:39ok we are gathered here in the presence 0:41of these witnesses for the purpose of 0:43uniting in matrimony season 0:46Andre and Olga Magdalena last you have 0:51come here today from your very life 0:53experiences to make public the 0:55commitment you have made each together 0:57you come to combine your two separate 1:00lives into one although you will be 1:02sharing one life never forget you are 1:05two separate people cherish and affirm 1:08your differences love each other 1:10keep your commitment primary together 1:12you will laugh and cry be sick and well 1:15be happy and angry share and grow 1:23girl sometimes together sometimes 1:25separately but never remain stagnant 1:27love in life are always changing always 1:30it if you will ensure a healthy lasting 1:33marriage always value each other 1:36although you will disagree 1:38remember to respect each other's 1:40feelings needs and wants and above all 1:42never never lose your sense of humor the 1:47contract of marriage is most solemn and 1:49is not to be entered into lightly but 1:51thoughtfully and seriously and with a 1:54realization of its obligations and 1:56responsibilities 1:58Cesar you take this woman older to be 2:01your lawful wedded wife 2:02yes Olga you take this man Caesar to be 2:06your lawful wedded husband 2:07yes do you each promise to love and 2:09comfort one another to honor and keep 2:11one another in health and in sickness in 2:15prosperity and adversity and forsaking 2:17all others be faithful to each other as 2:19long as you both shall live 2:21yes yes i will ask him out to seal the 2:24battles which you have just made by 2:26giving and receiving of the Rings let us 2:29remember that the circle is the 2:30implementer nity and it is awful that 2:33you love and happiness will be ending as 2:35the Rings which you are now about to 2:37exchange 2:40focus 2:42hold your roses 2:45season 2:47you see all those left hand and if you 2:49place the ring on her finger repeat 2:51after me Olga 2:53Oh No with this ring with this ring I 2:55deal with idea where I offer this ring 2:58to you I offer this ring to you as a 3:00symbol of my love of the symbol of my 3:02love end of the vials and talked about I 3:05have just spoken have just spoken 3:07you may kiss the ring on the screen 3:13ok 3:17state Caesars left hand and then you 3:19place the ring on his finger repeat 3:20after me 3:21Cesar Cesar with this ring with this 3:23ring I be with you i see what that's all 3:29English I authorizing wish I'd offer 3:32this ring to you are persisting to you 3:34as a symbol of my love as a symbol of my 3:36love in the mouth and the mouth 3:39I have just spoken I have just spoken ok 3:46now you will feel no rain for each of 3:49you will be shelter to the other 3:50now you will feel no cold for each of 3:53you will be wrong to the other 3:54now you will feel knowing this for each 3:57of you will be companion to the other 3:58now you are two bodies but there is only 4:01one life ahead of you may your days be 4:03good and long on the earth by virtue of 4:06the authority vested in me as 4:08commissioner of civil Americans I now 4:10pronounce you bolt Caesar and although 4:12husband and wife 4:14you may now kiss your bride with the 4:19kitchen 4:21thank you oh well now i need at least 4:25two witnesses designed the license and 4:27certificate of marriage 4:49Anderson just twice Oh actually bring a 4:53customer copy so this is going to be on 4:55on your business official license your 4:58signatures window right here the address 4:59of the next box and last boxes city 5:01states including can be mistakes okay 5:24history 5:29no she's a professor at all 5:35I'm both yes okay at all is there going 5:40to be another witness not learning 5:43you're so right so is your signature 5:46addressing target last box you have 5:50experts for me 6:01what 6:08this is something that camera which is a 6:12good good very good 6:13yeah creatures profession 6:17thank you very much but now they explain 6:19to you how long it's going to take to 6:20get your official license back in the 6:22mail for six weeks 6:23yes and then if you need back sooner you 6:26can request express mail which takes 6:28approximately five to 10 business days 6:30that you would have to purchase the 6:32Express Mail stand from the skin and 6:33bring it back either before four o'clock 6:35today we're before 12 noon tomorrow 6:37you're interested in exploring the mail 6:39and then once your official license 6:41certificate of marriage comes back in 6:43the mail order if you are officially 6:46going to change your name will take that 6:47official license to the Social Security 6:49and DMV offices going to the social 6:52security office first 6:54ok huge 7:02ok so bring your customer copy i would 7:05have signed that you know you know had 7:06that is your copy but you'll have to 7:08just wait for your official license to 7:09come back in the mail 7:11thank you thank you boxes back 7:15thank goodness you're welcome 7:17congratulations Thank You Nancy welcome 7:20you are going to take pictures of it 7:23like Chris so pretty 7:26you too Uploaded on Aug 10, 2010 Olga Lazin & L. Dudas, november 27, 2008 @ City Hall, in Beverly Hills, CA. Tying the knot in style. Participants: Robin Roth, Sirpa Saarenpa, and 2 gentlemen. I own all copyrights to this video.

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