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Monday, January 16, 2017

Secretele: Alifia naturala care calmeaza durerile articulare si nu numai in doar 2 ore de la aplicare!

Secrets: natural ointment that relieves joint pain and not only in 2 hours after application! :


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An article by Petrut 

For treating several ailments such as arthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, sprains, sciatica and many more, can be prepared at home and very simple salve cabbage ....

To prepare this ointment you need the following:

rheumatic pain cream

- 100 ml of raw cabbage juice obtained from juicer

- 150-200 grams of lard

- A teaspoon of beeswax

- A tablespoon of oil palm

- 10-15 ml of alcohol refined from 38-40 degrees,

- A tablespoon of natural honey bee.

How is it prepared?

Fresh cabbage juice, honey and alcohol are mixed in an enamel pot. Lard will find heated to melt, then over it adding beeswax and cook until it reaches 60 degrees Celsius. When he reached 60 degrees Celsius mix well and add palm oil.

The vessel is taken off the heat, let it cool then add to the mixture before preparation of cabbage juice, alcohol and honey. The composition must be mixed slowly until it omogenizeaa well.

To give extra flavor can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice.

The cream thus obtained kept in a jar tightly closed and stored in the cold, preferably in a refrigerator. The term of validity is 2 months CEST ointments.

The cream is useful for pain killers, because come more quickly into the skin, reducing or dispelling the discomfort caused by them. To ward off pain, brush affected areas and gently massage after that place is fastened with a piece of clean cloth.

It should be noted that the beneficial effect is installed in approximately 2 hours after application and the treatment is repeated once a day until the pain disappears.


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