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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Olga Lazin Daily Analysis of Mental Health News

The Olga Lazin Daily Analysis of Mental Health News:

The Olga Lazin Daily Analysis of Mental Health News

How To Boost Your Brain And Memory Daily

January Spotlight Interview with Erika Szabo

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ErikaMSzabo - Erika M Szabo on Luz Del Mes Spotlight Interview by Maritza Martinez Mejia I don’t speak Spanish, but my bilingual friends told me that they would like to read my fantasy series not only in English...

These are the most powerful languages in the world - There are over 6,000 languages spoken in the world today, but some 2,000 of them count fewer than 1,000 speakers. Moreover, just 15 account for half of the languages spoken in the world. In a globa...

Roundtable on Speculative Fiction in Translation: Past, Present, Future

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Jim Harris - International speculative fiction in English translation is gaining ground in the U.S., thanks to the efforts of talented and far-sighted translators, editors, and publishers. I recently had the op...

8 Cool Beginner Spanish Sayings About Day-to-day Life - You’ll have many a Spanish speaker shrug and pitch this classic “that’s life” line at you when something goes wrong or your plans come crashing down around you. As a learner, it’s only natural that...

ATA Written and Keyboarded exams: A personal account

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Paula Arturo - I prepared for the ATA Translation Certification exam with my Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters (OSTI) colleagues. The exam has an overall pass rate of under 20%, which varies by langu...

Dr Olga Lazin- Andrei

Dr Olga Lazin is a published Author and Academic Coach. Download her books and articles here; BLOG: Follow Olga on Twitter; @olgalazin, @olgamlazin, and OLGA LAZIN on Google+ and Hangouts for one hour free Career Coaching

Transcreation Trends for 2017

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IFB Kempten - The transcreation industry is in the middle of unprecedented appeal and demand. As it currently stands, worldwide language services are experiencing an annual growth of 5.52% with localization beco...
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Adult Learning: An Immigrant Success Story | edCircuit

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Mark Claypool - Rod Berger recently posed questions to Dr. Gustavo Lara González, ABE/GED Department Chair at Moreno Valley School District, about his journey from Mexico to the U.S. and his entrance into an educ...
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Teaching Students To Drive Their Brains Through Metacognitive Learning

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MoreCurricular - Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers are internationally recognized experts in the domain of brain-based teaching and leading (mind, brain, and education) in both professional development and teacher ed...
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