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Monday, March 6, 2017


Read: How to get rid of toxic partners and prevent YOU attracting such people, by observing their behaviour - - Gmail :

More and more ladies complain that they had the misfortune to know and let conquered by so-called toxic partner, and experiences with them have labeled vulnerable and have induced confusion and uncertainty. Of course, those partners were harmful at the outset, but they committed unwittingly mistake of doing what they want.

So, ladies, still present you a brief guide on the attitudes and behaviors that must review them not to attract into your life partners toxic.

Here are common mistakes and HOW should YOU avoid them

1. YOUR Kindness taken to extreme

Stop looking to always be polite and understanding no matter the circumstances. No longer tolerate delays or changes of plan imposed on the home stretch. If you get too much sympathy for the toxic partner basically do nothing than to encourage him further abuse of your kindness.

2. Giving too much trust; Don t DO IT

Even the worst person on earth has its good sides, but it is not constructive to approach toxic relationship with a partner in the light of this principle. Many women invest too much confidence in their partners, even when there are concrete signs of lying and deception. No more compromises and stop the tray provide a selfish man, slippery liar.

3. Active involvement in "saving" partner self-destruction

The main victims of this trap are women who lead a healthy lifestyle and are very tidy. Toxic men manifest lot of interest for this typology, this because, in themselves, they really want to change bad habits (alcohol dependence, for example) and regard these women as a valuable support for them. However, no matter how tempted you are to get involved in "saving" of such a man, stay away! Toxic men never change! Even if you do some work on this in the beginning, later will return to old vices and partner becomes completely nonexistent in their eyes.

4. Active involvement in shaping partner
Do not manufactured illusions HE That Would Change! Do not think that it is your duty to fight always to "fix" toxic partner, Because you never Will Succeed "perfect operation." Similarly, No longer entertain Expectations in everything related exchanges, BE IT Their feelings, patience, engagement or any other altruistic gesture. HIM. Toxic Men has Unrelated to any form of affection, That it Will you never respond in kind!

Toxic man lacks empathy, but can easily speculate weakness empathy partner and turn it into a weapon for his own benefit. Some men may be toxic even nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting victim played in the affair. Be careful not to let manipulated tricks which he may make such an actor to impress you when he needs money or other favors!

6. naivety in matters of love

Toxic man does not want to be with a woman with a healthy perception of love in a relationship for couples, but can handle very astute partner who invests love in the relationship. Especially vulnerable women can easily fall in net stretched to such potential partners. A man Toxic do everything in his power to seduce a woman and to give the impression that it is an extraordinary lover, then once you reach the purpose, won the affection uses to get everything he wants.

7. Lack healthy relationship boundaries

Avoid bestow too much and you turn into a martyr in love. Do not make the mistake of sacrificing your own needs as to assume and be solely concerned with the problems and suffering simulated toxic partner.

8. Invest much effort in listening partner

Toxic man loves to be in the spotlight and buzzing for hours and life partner is the perfect target for those needs egocentric. If you give grist to the mill, first you'll tickle his ego and more, plus encourage him to believe that he deserves your attention. Stop wasting! Think of such a partner will not listen to turn when you feel the need to unburden them yourself. 

9. Maintain an attitude too relaxed and too lax

A healthy relationship is built on trust and not burden any of partners with trust issues or claims disproportionate. But next to a toxic man you can not have such a healthy relationship! Women usually returns control partner and leave on his hand, which creates the perfect opportunity for the man to violate any toxic limits of common sense.

10. Autodesconsiderarea and acceptance to always remain in the background

A woman with an uncertain and fragile self-esteem is a sure victim to toxic man. If you do not value your own, do not expect such a partner you'll cherish or somehow instill confidence. Starting a toxic relationship with a man will make you worse deepen your own insecurities and inferiority complexes.

11. Resignation and stagnation in relationship

Toxic man studying the terrain well before you choose a girlfriend, and choose the most tolerant woman or that one can manipulate at will and do not charge you violate limits. Of course, such a partner has no serious thoughts and will only delaying the relationship, taking into chess lover with promises of marriage or threat of separation, depending on the situation. The best advice is to detach and look for a man who really appreciate you and with whom you can build a normal and beneficial.

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