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Friday, March 10, 2017

How to make vegetable charcoal in the house and you can help!

How to make vegetable charcoal in the house and you can help!

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A few days ago, when I felt really bad, I remembered my mother recommended a cure, cure that I would have been very useful if I am confirmed as the diagnosis ... (I thought I had hepatitis)

Fortunately it was not necessary but was a warning sign, for which I gather ingredients!

Here is the recipe for vegetable charcoal!

Ingredients: pomace, grape seed, hemp seed, branches of grape vines (old and dry last year), sorrel root, celandine (leaves and flowers).

Preparation : olive seeds, grape and hemp seed burn individually in a tuci until it chars.

Roots (stevia and celandine) are ground, dried and then put on a tray in the oven and leave until it chars in the fiery furnace.

Vine branches are burned into smoldering after you leave 24 hours in a tightly closed container.

Those who can use stove fireplace type stoves after it is highly purified, does not interfere other timbers.

After getting all of these individual ash, we weigh and mix them in equal parts.

Administration: depending on how the disease is given one teaspoon of this mixture.

If the disease is early take a spoon to 7 days only between meals.

Do not take it in a state of powder dry powder, but mix it with honey, apple juice or tea.

In the acute phase of viral hepatitis are sufficient 10 tablespoons. In the chronic form of hepatitis, the number of spoons and different intervals in relation to the evolution of the disease.

For complicated hepatitis (liver failure, cholestasis, decompensated cirrhosis), the remedy is effective but low and it helps you decide able to use it. However, the best remedy is prevention and moderate lifestyle.

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