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Saturday, March 18, 2017

LYING GETS YOU FURTHER AWAY FROM DIVINITY! Minciuna destramă relaţia cu divinitatea

Minciuna este opusul adevărului şi ori de câte ori ne îndepărtăm de la adevăr, ne îndepărtăm,de fapt, de Dumnezeu.

Lying Set Us Apart From OUR relationship with divinit

This may seem hard because lying is common nowadays. Perhaps there is no man who has not told a lie in his life, how small, to save face or to save it Himself in a compromising position.

Lying is opposite of the truth and whenever we depart from the truth, we remove actually God.

We are born of truth

We are born of Truth

As you can see in this phrase the word "truth" was capitalized. Here, we talk about ultimate truth that we are born of pure consciousness, the pure truth, and the truth are bound in any circumstances. In life we ​​meet with difficult situations, we may want to save the image or when someone once said, truth can trigger tensions and even enemies among men. So how should we proceed?
Truth be told in any situation where it concerns us.
Other issues not covered in our obligation

When a situation is not related to us, it is best not to interfere at all because our intervention could a worse, but if we told the truth depends on one's life or freedom, it must be said with any price. When our intervention is useful and necessary.

It is helpful to get us without asking us one in problems everyone else, for the sake of talking. Everyone has his own way in life, his mission, and any intervention from outside can disrupt the natural course of life of others.

Truth is relative

The notion of truth has been well analyzed by philosophers over time, but very suggestive is the conclusion of Hermann Hesse (German writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946): "There is no reality other than the one within us . 

This is why so many people lives are unreal. They take images outside them for reality and never allow to reveal their inner world. " So the truth related to the interpretation of each, depending on the culture, age, religion, etc. For this reason we say that truth is relative, but this applies only to men.

For existing truth is one, and this truth must guide our life, otherwise away from the primary source. Existence (God) does not interpret anything, He reveals all the details until just stay real essence of a situation. 

Hence the conclusion that the interference in each other's lives can disrupt truth. Only the parties know exactly what happened, but notions of "good" or "bad" are determined according to each conditionings.
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