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Monday, March 6, 2017

My New Book Is Out:

Dear Readers -- (35) Olga Lazin:

Globalization is about more than trade and economics (which are important here),
but it includes also:

1.     Civic Society (American NGOs and Public Foundations) helping

A.    Civil Society based on independent powers of government (including Presidential powers and its subordinate military power), Legislative powers, and Judicial powers organize national, state, and local governments around the world to conduct elections, set up modern judicial systems built on the idea of “Innocent Until Proved Guilty,” and “Right to Cross Examine Witnesses (ending the old national systems of many countries that fail on both aspects of civility), and especially seek new, fair-working conditions.

B.  Medical groups identify the spread of new diseases that rapidly overcome most health systems around the world as  well as fund the research and field activity needed to help peoples around the world fight these diseases  and older ones that sonce were considered “unstoppable.”

2.     Movement of peoples who disperse around the world (legally and illegally) to gain access to computer culture and who have access to cellular phone and internet connections to exchange email messages with their relatives and friends from their “old community,” with whom they now recreate on Facebook new “virtual communities” by chiming in from many countries to keep their group together and seek education for their children.

3.     Travel by air, boat, trucks, cars to find new spaces to live around the world and then later to send remittances and/or fly back to visit the old community and interact on a personal basis with the family there;

4.     Spread of cultures including languages, arts, music, dance, films, and sports  around the world to creatively maintain the pride of contrasting educationally ways of life in the world’s 196 countries (including Taiwan, which China argues sees as a breakaway province);

5.     Funding of new industries worldwide as well as transportation infrastructures and expansion of electric grids.

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