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Saturday, March 18, 2017

PERFECT MUDRAS: Tratează problemele cu vederea făcând asta... Efectul este uimitor! - - Gmail

Citeste: Tratează problemele cu vederea făcând asta... Efectul este uimitor! - - Gmail:

Treat problems for doing so ... The effect is amazing!

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Even if it seems hard to believe, your hands can help you get a state of peace and harmony. Mudras, gestures of hands activities are particularly important in the discipline of yoga, which are considered "joyful".

Positive effects due to the numerous nerve endings of the fingers, which, when stimulated, supports the flow of energy through various energy channels of the body.

Finger positions for healing the body

A big advantage of mudras is that can be done anytime and anywhere. You do not need anything but a few minutes and a place where you can relax.

The main mudras and their effects:

1. Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life)


Bend the little finger and ring finger. These two fingers touch the tips of your thumb tip.

Positive effects:

Prevents fatigue, treat eye problems, it energizes the body and strengthens the immune system.

2. Gyan Mudra healing (Mudra of Knowledge)


Sit in the lotus position holding hand resting on his knees. Then touch the tip of thumb fingertip forefinger and squeeze or moving fingers.

Positive effects:

Relax the mind, supports concentration and cognitive function, treating insomnia, reduce stress and depression.

3. healing Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth)


Touch the tip of the ring finger to the tip of the thumb, then two fingers closer together while we headed the other.

Positive effects:

Bring the earth element in the body balance, thereby improving digestion.

4. Mudra Vayu (Air Mudra)


Fold the index finger by hand and pressed it base of the thumb. Stretch good fingers.

Positive effects:

Treats bloating and constipation.

5. Jal Mudra (Mudra Varuna / Mudra Water)


Touch fingertip than the tip of the thumb, without having to press but with force, and keep fingers upright. Perform this posture in a seated position with legs crossed.

Positive effects:

Relieves pain and reduce dry mouth.

6. Mudra Agni (Fire Mudra)


Bend the ring finger to palm pressed phalanx second annular base of the thumb and fingers spread to edges. For best results, perform this mudra morning on an empty stomach. Beware, though: Mudra fire is not recommended if you have problems of gastric hyperacidity.

Positive effects:

It strengthens the immune system and supports the metabolism.

7. Shunya Mudra (Mudra emptiness)


Click the first joint of the middle finger of the base of the thumb.

Positive effects:

Reduce motion sickness and vertigo and helps in curing diseases tongue, nose and ears.

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