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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SERBAN MIRCEA: In regim de FREELANCE la BBC, si FREE EUROPE; AIB | the trade association for international broadcasters

7 ani, la 97 dat afara da le EUROPA LIBERE.

din 94 to 96 si pt Deuthche WELLW, si BBC.; printre boieri si politruci bine educati.
FEDERa intnnayionale de JOURNALISTS, toate uniunile prof. ale ziaristilor din EUROPEA

Specializatia in munca. 

El poate demonstra PRIN RECIPISA DE LA POSTA, la camerele superiaore si inferioare. La Congresul USA.

creier, si muschii.

The Association for International Broadcasting has a range of specialised Working Groups that allow the exchange of information and expertise among AIB Members.

AIB | the trade association for international broadcasters: "REF: “The Association for International Broadcasting is invaluable in helping us to understand media markets around the world”"

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