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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The results are in, Olga! Your #1 superpower is... - - Gmail

The results are in, Olga! Your #1 superpower is...

Thanks for taking my free Superpower Assessment!
Based on the answers you provided, your #1 superpower is Will!
So what does this mean for you?
Your Will is your ability to give yourself a command and follow it calmly, confidently and consistently – it’s the secret to creating lasting results in your life.
Based on the answers you provided during the assessment, it’s clear that you are very adept at giving yourself a command, and then following it consistently.
Congratulations on that!
In your personalized video report, I shared with you exactly how you can amplify this invisible superpower…
By the way, at the end of the video, I also invite you to join me for a LIVE workshop that will help you to dig deeper into the many ways you can abolish procrastination, fear, doubt and worry, and move through all areas of your life with greater clarity, confidence and ease.
In case you haven’t registered for that yet…

 - - Gmail

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