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Saturday, March 18, 2017

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Photo - Google Photos: " Animation " CU VADIM TURCANU de la Crystal.


Do you know rage? I mean RED & RAW, & DESTRUCTIVE RAGE? 

I want to share with you that rage can be like a fine wine and with expanding consciousness even access to profound states of bliss and compassion.

But first…

Recently I had some supressed memories form childhood come forward. This was shocking to me, especially because my other childhood trauma already came up in the form of resurfacing memories in my teen years.

And well..I have  been doing this journey of inner work and growth for a long time, I didn't think there was more hidden from me.

I learned (again) the phenomenal design of our psyche and soul won’t allow us to remember things we are not ready to handle. This time was no different.

So, as the warrior that I am I set forth on the course to find answers and I found them.

Along the way, my old friend rage, more mature, wiser and more fully bodied.

Of course as always the universe met me with clients who were also moving through their own rage. 

As I held space for the women who were experiencing their own rage, I got to see my former  self.

My conscious willingness to work with Sacred Rage started around eleven years ago and what I have been experiencing recently has been nothing short of a miracle.

In days past, rage allowed me permission, it set me free, it gave me the space to say a powerful NO and set physical and energetic boundaries.

All important..

This time, as I have allowed myself to be in the Mature Rage, I have accessed compassion like I did not know existed.

In the past, I mostly experienced compassion as a “feeling for” someone or something.

The now mature rage opened a door for me to Compassion as a state of Consciousnessnot a feeling. This state is more of bliss state as the rage is witnessed.

I share this with you to encourage you to give yourself permission to feel your pain.

Feel your pain for every self betrayal, for every boundary crossed by others, for every injustice that breaks your heart.

No matter how “never- ending” it might feel at times.

This is how we ride the golden spiral of consciousness.

There  is no THERE, there.

There is no final destination.

There is no relief of the human condition, until we die.

There is no life without pain

There is always more pain

What you can do is…

Open your heart to the PAIN

This is the portal to infinite compassion

Practice this again and again 

This has been my practice for years and only now has the damn broke and flood of compassion for myself and others become infinite.

This doesn’t absolve my humanity. It doesn't mean I won’t make mistakes. It does, however make the journey ever so much sweeter and hopefully makes me a better facilitator and guide.

In deep love and gratitude to share the journey with you, OLGA

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