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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How To Reverse AGING: Telomeres Win

everse The Signs Of AgingWithout Expensive Treatment Or Surgery.
  • No More Painful Procedures
  • No Downtime
  • No Stinging or Burning
When I heard about this groundbreaking discovery, I couldn’t believe my ears. It literally changes EVERYTHING we thought we knew about aging.

With this amazing scientific breakthrough, you can prolong the life of every one of your skin cells by “programming” them to grow younger.
The secret I’m about to reveal to you is so revolutionary that your dermatologist doesn’t even know about it.

The secret lies deep within your own cells rejuvenating your skin at the cellular level.
With This Breakthrough, You Can Have
A Younger-Looking Face No Matter Your Age.
I’m Dr. Al Sears, M.D.  And I’ve treated over 25,000 patients at my successful integrative medicine and anti-aging wellness center in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

I travel the world looking for novel cures, unique herbs and traditional remedies to treat my patients.

I regularly speak at anti-aging conferences across the nation and worldwide.  I’ve also authored over 35 books and reports in the field of alternative medicine, anti-aging, nutritional supplementation and skincare.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I want you to understand why I have such passion to help you look and feel younger.

For the past year, I’ve been working with the pioneer of an anti-aging breakthrough so dramatic it was recently awarded the Nobel-Prize in medicine
It’s Based On Something Called A “Telomere”. 
Telomeres are tiny caps that protect the end of your DNA much like the plastic tips on the end of your shoelaces help keep your laces from unraveling.

Every time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter.  The shorter your telomeres get the older your cells become.  This is why and how you age.
Now here’s where things begin to get exciting…

A Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist discovered how to REBUILD telomeres and SLOW telomere shortening.

In 2009, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn of the University of California received the Nobel Prize of Medicine for her discovery of an enzyme called telomerase.
Telomerase Is The “Fountain Of Youth” For Your DNA.
Telomerase keeps your telomeres longer, which equals younger-looking cells.

In clinical studies, longer telomeres translated to moister, firmer skin… And reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The only thing you have to do is turn on this Fountain of Youth enzyme in your skin cells...

And I found a way to do just that…

I used this Nobel Prize-Winning discovery to develop a breakthrough formula that works deep inside YOUR DNA.
Slow Down Aging and Turn On Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin.
And that’s exactly what TeloRevive Rejuvenating Night Cream is designed to do.

In my new formula, I combined scientifically proven ingredients that studies show slow down the rate of telomere shortening…

So you can produce younger cells.

And experience for yourself... 
...A Lasting Youthful, Radiant Complexion.
These Breakthrough Ingredients Include…
Teprenone.  This potent extract activates the genes that regulate the length of your telomeres.

It literally “reprograms” your skin to produce younger and younger cells.

And it has the ability to radically transform your appearance.

Just check out the results of patients who used teprenone in clinical trials…
  • 100% of the women felt an increased level of moisture in their skin
  • 100% noticed a smoother appearance in their skin tone.
  • Over 90% noticed a decrease in pore size.
  • 75% noticed fine lines vanishing.
Baicalin, another star ingredient, reverses aging in your fibroblasts.

What are fibroblasts?  They are the cells that provide structure and strength and resilience in your skin.

Baicalin works by restoring the telomere length in your fibroblasts and repairing breaks in your DNA.

In one study, researchers blasted skin cells with sunlight-like UV-A radiation.  Skin cells without baicalin had their telomere lengths reduced by almost 70%.
Next “The Fountain of Youth Activator”

An ingredient you can’t get in any other skin cream, yet it’s so powerful…

The first time I saw this healing plant, I had no idea it held such age-reversing power for your skin.

It’s a healing herb the native people of Peru call the “Sacred Herb of the Rainforest.” 
It’s Uncaria Tomentosa.
It has claw-like thorns attached to its stem. They allow this plant to climb as high as 100 feet up into the forest.

In the rainforest, the Ashaninka tribe showed me this herb. I discovered that Uncaria Tomentosa also has potent anti-aging and skin-renewing powers. It can repair skin cells and reverse the signs of aging.

Studies prove Uncaria Tomentosa activates the enzyme telomerase. It helps signal your telomeres to grow longer and produce younger cells.

Researchers in the lab treated cells with an extract from Uncaria Tomentosa. Then they subjected the cells to UVB radiation – the kind you get from the sun. 

The cells treated with Uncaria Tomentosa  lived 201% longer than untreated cells.

The Uncaria Tomentosa kept telomeres longer and that led to a longer life for the skin cells.

And that’s just one way Uncaria Tomentosa works at the DNA level. You see, your skin’s DNA is fragile. It’s easily damaged by oxidative stress from smoking, alcohol, pollution, and other attacks.

It’s especially at risk from sun damage. But Uncaria Tomentosa can repair that DNA damage in skin cells.
Studies in humans prove the same thing.
In a placebo-controlled study of 12 Swedish men and women, those taking Uncaria Tomentosa for eight weeks had significantly less DNA damage and more DNA repair activity than the placebo group.

And in a study of 42 volunteers, half were asked to apply an SPF-15 sunscreen to one side of their face before going out to the beach. The other group applied the same sunscreen with the addition of Uncaria Tomentosa.

The Uncaria Tomentosa group saw a dramatic reduction in burning and blistering from the sun!

Uncaria Tomentosa protects telomeres against shortening. It protects cellular DNA against damage and supports the repair of damaged DNA.

And that’s great news for your skin.

Less DNA damage translates to moist and dewy skin like you had in your twenties. It means lines and wrinkles appear smoother, and skin looks more firm and tight.

It also means you have a vibrant glow as Uncaria Tomentosa restores your skin’s radiance at the cellular level.
Restore moisture that has become lost with age and boost the water content of your skin with these three moisture-enhancing nutrients.

Your body makes a nutrient that keeps your skin moist. It’s called hyaluronic acid (HA).

In your face, HA gives you the smooth, taut, fullness we associate with youth. When you’re young, you naturally have a lot of HA. But as you age, your body doesn’t make as much and your skin suffers.
HA has the amazing ability to hold vast amounts of water, absorbing around 1,000 times its weight in water.
Without enough moisture, your skin becomes saggy, dry and wrinkled, adding years to your appearance. But when your skin has enough HA, all that water plumps up your skin.

HA enhances volume and elasticity to restore a youthful balance to your face, so you start looking the way you did years ago.

You can get the benefits of HA topically and get the results you’re looking for.

Your skin can also absorb HA at a cellular level. Unlike some other moisturizers that simply sit on the top of your skin, the HA in TeloRevive sinks into the deeper levels of your skin where it’s needed most.

It acts as a “carrier,” delivering all of the anti-aging ingredients in TeloRevive deeply into your cells.

TeloRevive slows the shortening of your telomeres AND replenishes your supply of HA, giving you an unprecedented opportunity to show a younger, better-looking face to the world.
Use This Same “DNA Technology” to Help With the Appearance of Age Spots and Blotchy Skin

Those dark spots on your skin, known as sunspots or “age spots,” are darkening that occurs in response to the sun’s UV rays.
How is TeloRevive so effective?
It’s called squalane.

Squalane occurs naturally in your skin. You had plenty of it during your childhood and into your teen years. The problem is, once you enter your 20s, the amount of squalane in your skin decreases rapidly.

More to the point, that loss of squalane makes your skin vulnerable to the environmental stressors we face every day.

Squalane comes from the liver of sharks and it has a powerful hydrating action and penetrates into the deepest layer of your skin for the most protection.

At the same time, it produces a barrier against water loss, restoring moisture and suppleness to your face, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The addition of this pure, essential oil encourages cell regeneration and leaves your face soft and glowing.
But the real skin-firming wonder is Astralagus… boosting hyaluronic acid and squalene and promoting the production of collagen.

Collagen keeps the skin firm and tight. 

And Astragalus has the ability to eliminate the toxins in your skin...
Bringing Out The Youthful Radiance And Beauty Of Your Skin.
TeloRevive Rejuvenating Night Cream helps your skin repair itself while you sleep…

There’s another missing link in skin care, and you’ll never hear this from a dermatologist.

It’s the “sleep nutrient” melatonin.

You probably know your body needs melatonin for a good night’s rest. But very few people know this... 
Melatonin Also Repairs Skin Cells.
When you’re young, your body’s melatonin pushes up to the skin’s surface at night. It springs into repair mode while you sleep.

But you produce less melatonin as years go by. And by middle-age very little of it reaches your skin. My new TeloRevive delivers melatonin to your skin to repair itself. Just like it did when you were younger.
I’ve Packed TeloRevive With Some Of The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredients On The Market. 
If you could buy them all separately, you’d pay a small fortune.

I’ve combined them in just the right proportion for the biggest impact while keeping it very affordable.

You’d be hard-pressed to find these natural ingredients in other products. But what you WILL find in other products are a lot of parabens, carcinogens, even pollutants and gasoline distillates.

All toxic and devastating to your skin.
TeloRevive is Pure and Clean.
Nothing poisonous. Nothing toxic.

You’ll find only the finest, purest, most natural ingredients in TeloRevive.
Your Secret Weapon For
Youthful Skin
With TeloRevive you have a secret weapon that turns back the aging of your skin cells.

Unlike other products that never make it past the top layer of your skin, TeloRevive is absorbed at the cellular level to repair your DNA and maintain the length of your telomeres.

In fact, it can do more for the health and vitality of your skin than most of the $200, $400, and $600 designer products on the market today.
My Rejuvenation Cream Is Doctor-Derived.
It’s a natural product that’s guaranteed to improve your skin’s tone, texture, and firmness. Each jar contains 1 oz. of this elegant cream and, with normal use, a jar will last about a month.

And now for the very first time, these are available as TeloRevive DNA Rejuvenating Formula.

What's more, special arrangements have been made for you to try the TeloRevive skin rejuvenation formula without risk… 

But more on that in just a minute…
So Tell Me, How Much Would You Expect To Pay For Your Very Own Supply Of The Skin Health TeloRevive Anti-Aging Formula?
Knowing all of what these powerful, all-natural ingredients can do for you, would it be fair to say that picking up this Amazing Deal for less than $250 is a steal?

How about less than $200? ... $150?

Am I out of my mind to make you an offer like this?

For what I’ve shown you, I’m more than justified at pricing the TeloRevive advanced formula at $139.99 per jar.

You’d pay a heck of a lot more to visit a dermatologist, right?
But Guess What?...
You Won’t Pay $139.9...
You Won’t Even Pay $119.99...
Not Even$99.99...
Forget Paying Any Of Those Prices!

When You Take Action Right Now, You’ll Get Your Hands On A Full Jar of TeloRevive DNA Rejuvenating Night Cream In This Special Offer… For Just...
(This Is NOT A Typo)
And one more thing… when you place your order immediately and get TeloRevive on its way to you... We’ll pay the shipping.
That’s Correct, Free Shipping. 
But I urge you to hurry. This offer won’t last long. Not only will I have to raise prices soon to meet demand… the complexity of this product always puts us at a chance for backorder. 

So I’m sorry if you get to the order page and it says “Sold Out” 
Do you think that experiencing the joy that comes with a healthier, more youthful face, and knowing that your skin is getting all of the support it needs is worth a measly $89.99?

If you take action right now, I’ll lower the price even more.
Plus, You Get This Amazing Bonus Instantly:

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