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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Gheorghe ZAMFIR SONG Most beautiful Ever: The LOnely Sheperd and Summer of 42

Gheorghe ZAMFIR: podcast: PROVIDER julycom:

Gheorghe ZAMFIR Superb si linistitor, asculta si tu;

Dear Olga,

This is Shameer from iTunes Store Customer Support.

I wanted to send you a quick message here. It looks like we were disconnected, possibly due to a network connection error.

Olga, I would suggest you to try the below troubleshooting steps which may resolve your issue.

If you need assistance you can contact us using the link:

Just enter your Chat reference number (100242191632)

Please be sure to contact us back, if its not me one of my colleague will definitely help you.

Thank you again for choosing Apple!

iTunes Store Customer Support.
Based on the details you provided, we think you might find the following information helpful:

We are here to help. At Apple Support, you can learn more about your product, download the latest software updates, and share tips and solutions with other users. You can also find out the best way to contact us.

Apple Support

Find My iPhone has been disabled on Olga Lazin.
With Find My iPhone disabled, this device can no longer be located, placed in Lost Mode, or remotely erased using or the Find My iPhone iOS app.
In addition, your Apple ID and password will no longer be required for someone to erase, reactivate, and use your iPhone.


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