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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Work Experience And Resumé Dr Olga M. Lazin

8-1-2017 Resumé


PROFMEX – Research & Development Director - @olgamlazin Twitter

Watch Dr Olga:

Office Address

Dual Citizenship: USA and Romania

Web page:

Education & Information Studies
2009 to 2016 UCLA Visiting Scholar
2001 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Latin American Studies
2001 Ph.D. in History, UCLA
1996 M.A. in History, UCLA
B.A. in Philology, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Book, Sole Author: Decentralized Globalization:
Free Markets, U.S. Foundations, and
the Rise of Civil and Civic Society from
Rockefeller’s Latin America to Western & Eastern Europe

published in Spring 2017 Published by Authorhouse, online at: Hardcopy and Digitized E-Book
ISBN: Ebook ISBN is 9781724649234. The ISBN of my DECENTRALIZED GLOBALIZATION: 978-15-24-64-92-41

The Spanish version of the book is published by the University of Guadalajara Press
UCLA Program on Mexico, PROFMEX, and Juan Pablos Editores: ISBN 978-970-27-0713-4 in 2011

Book #2: 2011 La Globalización Se Amplia: Los claroscuros de los nexus globales.
By James W. Wilkie y Olga Magdalena Lazín (Guadalajara y Los Angeles:
Universidad de Guadalajara, PROFMEX, UCLA Program on Mexico, Juan Pablos Editor) ISBN: 978-607-711-032-3

Book #3 Co-authored with Prof. JamesW Wilkie : “The Brilliant And Dark Sides Of Globalization”, 2011 Published by UCLA, and University of Guadalajara.

Professional Achievements:

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Author: 4 Books, and 60 Articles online:

Fertility and Development: Abortion and the Democratic Transition in Mexico, UCLA, Wednesday, February 20, 2016.


Teaching Experience: Assistant Professor of History -28 years experience teaching At College and University Level.

2016 -2017 Tijuana: Globalization Is Decentralized, Course in History, Summer and Fall Quarters

2015 March 8, Speaker: & Lecturer: International Women of Leadership Association Conference:

2014 Moderator: UCLA's Graduate School of Education and the Social Security Project
UCLA Faculty Center on the topic:

9:30-11:30, at the University of California Faculty Center, UCLA

History Lecturer Invitations: UCLA, California State University, Cal State University Long Beach, Cerritos College, Santa Monica College, West LA College, and El Camino College.

2012 History 161 & 160 – UCLA, Spring Quarter: A. The Amparo in Mexico: Comparative Study between the Habeas Corpus & Amparo. Dr James Wilkie

Syllabus link: 1. Reproductive Law:

2011 UCLA Extension, Topics in American History, U.S. Constitution
Summer Quarter & Winter Quarter

2010 “Women and Globalization,” Upper Division Women’s Studies
Course 401I California State University, Long Beach, Spring Semester

2009 “World History Since 1500,” Upper Division History Course,
Course 380 at California State University, Long Beach, Spring Semester

2008 Teaching Assistant, Colonial America, Classic Travel Accounts of United States of America, 1999, UCLA.

2007 Lecturer, CSUDH: Integrating Women’s History into Courses, Spring, Summer, Winter, fall

2004 UCLA Extension,Lecturer, Issues in Latin American History, Summer Quarter

2002 “Women and Globalization,” Upper Division Women’s Studies Course
401I California State University, Long Beach, Spring Semester

“World History Since 1500,” Upper Division History Course, Course 380
California State University, Long Beach, Spring Semester

“Women in World History,” Upper Division History, 380 California State University, Dominguez Hills, Fall Semester

2001 “Mexico Since 1910,” UCLA Upper Division Course History 171
UCLA Extension (UNEX), Spring Quarter

2000 “History of Latin America,” Upper Division Course

“History of Women in Mexico Since Colonialism” Upper Division Course
Santa Monica College, Summer Quarter

1999 “History of the Americas,” Lower Division History 8.1
Cerritos College, Winter Quarter

UCLA Teaching Experience: Department of History

2004 History Professor at Cal State LONG BEACH:
“Women’s Issues in Contemporary Mexican History”
Lower Division Course 170A

“Films as History of Latin America,”
Lower Division Course 8C

1998 History Lecturer, UCLA, Professor:
“The Latina Woman in Film History:
Cinemalore Examined,”
Upper Division/Graduate Course 169

Co-Instructor with Dr James W Wilkie:
“Latin American Elitelore”
Upper Division/Graduate Course 169

UCLA Course Teaching Assistant: Department of History

“Cultural History of Mexico” (170C)

1997-1998 “Historical Statistics of Latin America” (Graduate: 268A-B)

1996 “Latin America and the World,” History 169

1994 “Leaders in World Development” (169)

1993-1994 “Latin American Film and Society” (170A)

to Present: “Classic Travel Accounts of Latin America” (History 170C)

Long-Term Research Projects:

Los Angeles The Second Capital of All Countries: Book project

Member of:

“Women in Global Technology: Past and Present”

“Women’s History & Gender Studies in the Process of

Managing Editor of Web Journal

1997 –to present:-- Mexico and the World

Articles Authored: Available Online

Book Reviewer Panel at:

2016 “Expansion del Papel del Instituto Nacional de Migración de México (INAMI) y Establecimiento de Un ‘Think Tank" Dedicado a Mejorar la Calidad de Vida en La Gran Los Angeles-Tijuana,”
(México, D.F.: INAMI, 2002), Chapter 5.

2001 “History and Components of Globalization,”
Statistical Abstract of Latin America 37
(Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications),
pp. xxiv-xxvii.

2000a “Romanian Globalization Theory and Its Impact In
Latin America - The Neopopulist Discourse,”
UCLA Historical Journal, Issue 19, pp. 12-34.

2000b Review of Crafting the Third World: Theorizing Under-
development in Brazil (Stanford University Press, 1996)
by Joseph Love,” Mexico and the World 5:2

1999a “Mexico and Romania Compared,” in Mexico and the World,
edited by James W. Wilkie (México, D.F.: PROFMEX-ANUIES),
pp. 206-233.
Also in Mexico and the World 6:1

1999b "Globalización Fast-Track y el Surgimiento de Áreas de Libre
Comercio (ALC) y Corporaciones Transglobales (CTG) Virtuales", in
México frente a la Modernización de China, ed. Oscar M. González Cuevas (México, D.F.: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Unidad Azcapotzalco), pp. 307-359.
(Co-authored with James W. Wilkie)

1996 “Bloques Emergentes de Comercio Internacional:
Comparación |Entre el Área de Libre Comercio de América del
Norte y la Unión Europea,” Carta Económica Regional,
Universidad de Guadalajara, No. 48, May-June, pp. 29-36.

1995a “NAFTA and The European Union Compared,” in Statistical Abstract
of Latin America, Vol. 30;1, pp. 1205-1230.

1995a “México Como Punta de Lanza para el Libre Comercio en las
Américas,” in Ajustes y Desajustes Regionales, eds. Jesús Arroyo Alejandre y David E. Lorey (Guadalajara y Los Angeles: University of Guadalajara y UCLA Program on Mexico), 47-112.
(Co-author James W. Wilkie)

1994 “Mexico as a Linchpin for Free Trade in the Americas: The Women Maquiladora Wokers,”
in Statistical Abstract of Latin America, Vol. 31:2, pp. 1173-1203. (Co-author James W. Wilkie)

“Originality and Stereotypes,” Nord, Baia Mare, Romania, Jan, p. 3.

1984 “Confessions,” Nord, Baia Mare, Romania, January 1, p. 5.

Course Readers Edited

2002 Women in Global Perspectives, Course reader, 401I CSULB

Women in History: Globalizing Women and Gender Studies in History, California State University, Dominguez Hills

1999 Elitelore Issues, UCLA Spring And Summer Quarter:

Frontiers in Elitelore, UCLA History 169

1995 Issues in Elitelore and Folklore, UCLA History 169

Research Awards from UCLA International Studies Overseas Programs

1999-2001 UCLA Travel Grant to Conduct Research on “Reconstructing the Legal Framework for Civil Society in Romania: The Mexican Model."

1997-1998 UCLA Travel Grant to Conduct Research on
“Los Angeles, Historical Sights And Movie Houses”

1996 Latin American Center Fieldwork Award

Professional Achievements:

2016 Historic Los Angeles: Monuments and Film Production Companies Analyzed

2009 American Women in Film, Panelist, Leadership Conference Mexico City

2007 PROFMEX-UCLA Conference Organizing Committee,
“Mexico and Public Policy,” Morelia, State of Michoacán,
September 19-25.

1998 Co-Conference Organizer: “The Latina Woman in Film,”
UCLA, May 1998

1997-- Director, Globalization Studies, UCLA Latin America Center

1997 PROFMEX Conference Organizing Committee,
“Mexico and the World,” Morelia, State of Michoacán,
December 8-15 //mexworld/issue6/art1

1994-- PROFMEX Director, NAFTA-European Integration

1993-- Organizer, NPPOs GLOBAL-Program for Legally Facilitating the Flow
of U.S. - Based Tax Exempt Funds to Not-For-Private-Profit
Organizations Worldwide. Conferences held in:

Belgium, Hungary, Romania, 1995
Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, 1994
France, Russia, Spain, 1993

1993 Chief of Project, Establishment of PROFMEX Office at the Institute
of Latin American Studies, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow
June 15-26.

1992 1992 Director NAFTA - European Integration Studies, based in
France and Mexico. February 20-December 15.

1991 PROFMEX Organizer, “Mission to Analyze De-statification in
Eastern Europe, September 15 – October 12.

Professional Memberships;

Since 1990

American Historical Association

The International Women’s Leadership
West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
American-Romanian Academy of Science and Arts

American-Romanian Foundation (California Tax-Exempt Organization)
Founding Member and Chair of Board of Directors, 1997--
President, 1997—

Conference on Latin American History

Feminist Majority Foundation (Founder of Feminist Alliance, UCLA Chapter)

Institute for the Study of Gender in Mexico

Northern California Translators Association (NCTA)

PROFMEX–Consortium for Research on Mexico
Board of Directors, 1997—

Holmby Park Advisory Board, Beverly Hills, 2001--

Conferences, Seminars Presentations and Invitations:

2014 Moderator: UCLA's Graduate School of Education and the Social Security Project
UCLA Faculty Center on the topic:

9:30-11:30 at the Faculty Center

2001 Conference on “Latin American Literature and Education,” Mexico City,
June 17-24, Paper: “The Challenge of Globalization, Civil Society in
Latin America and Canada.”

2001 Conference on “Urban Poverty Worldwide,” Toluca, State of Mexico,
November 6-9, Paper: “Marginalization of Women in the Labor Force.”
2000 Conference Organizer, “Technological Knowledge and Women’s
Role in the Global Advocacy Networking,” UCLA, June 4

2000 PROFMEX-UCLA Conference on “Mexico and Public Policy,” Paper:
“The Mexico NGO Sector and the Role of Women.” Morelia,
Michoacán, Mexico, Sept. 14– 23.
TV Interview: Noticiero Canal 13 de Televisa Broadcast to Mexico/USA

1999 UCLA Colloquium in European History and Culture,
October 16, Paper: "Globalization of Civil Society:
The Open Society Fund in East-Central Europe–International Philanthropy"

1999 Organizer, PROFMEX-Guanajuato Conference on Innovative Ideas for Mexico’s Development," Paper “The Role of Transnational NGOs in Developing Civil Society in Mexico,” Guanajuato, April 14-19.

1999 Organizer, UCLA Seminar on “Globalization and Romania's
Transylvanian Region,” sponsored by U.S. Small Business Association, July 7

UCLA History Annual Conference on Women’s History, March 17,
Paper: “The Politics of Gender During the Period of Socialism”

1997 Romanian Academy Conference on "Civil Society ,” Cluj Napoca,
Romania, June 15, Paper: “Civil Society and the Transfer of the
Mexican-U.S. Model to Romania,”

1997 Romanian Civic Academy Conference on “Rebuilding Civil Society,"
Sighet, Maramures, Romania, June 22, Paper: “The Deliberate Distraction
Of Romania’s Civil Society after 1947 by the Ceausescu Dictatorship"

1996 UCLA Colloquium on Romania, June 17, Paper:
“The Emerging Romanian Informational Infrastructure”

1996 UCLA Colloquium in European History and Culture,
October 16, Paper: "Civil Society and the Mexican Adaptation
of the U.S. Philanthropic Model"

1995 The American-Romanian Academy of Science Annual Meeting,
University of Reno, January 12 – 17. Moderator: “Session on Culture”;
Paper: “Orwell's ‘1984’ and Life Under ‘Big Brothers’ Stalin & Ceausescu”

1994 PROFMEX Policy Seminar for Managing the Greater El Paso-Ciudad
Juárez Metropolitan Area, El Paso, March 14-15. Paper:
“Simplifying U.S.-Mexican Visas”

1994 Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute, Invitee as International Observer
of the Mexican Presidential Election, Mexico City, August 19-22.

1994 PROFMEX Conference on “Experiences of De-statification”
Mexico City, August 23, 1994, Paper: “NAFTA and EU Compared.”

1994 Romanian Internet Learning Workshop. Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, April 29, Paper: “Ironies and Complexities of Redefining Civil Society In East-Central Europe.

1993 Mexico City University (UAM-A), September 18, paper:
“Accelerating the education of Young Women in Mexico: A
Development Imperative”

Languages Spoken and Written

English speak, read, write
Romanian speak, read, write
French speak, read, write
Spanish speak, read, write

German speak
Latin read, write

Hungarian speak, read, write
Italian speak, read, write

Travel and Research___________________________________________

Europe Americas

Austria: Sept 1991 Canada: Oct 1992, Nov 1995
Belgium: Sept 1995 Mexico: Yearly, 1992—50 times, all 37 states
Bulgaria: Sept 1992
England: Jan and May 2001
France: 1991-1992 USA: October 1992--
Hungary: 1991, 1992, 1995 Guatemala, January 1999
Romania: Yearly, 1992-- Costa Rica, March 1999
Russia: June 1993
Spain: March 1992
Switzerland: June-July 1994
Turkey: July 2000


Dr. James W. Wilkie, UCLA Professor of Globalization History
and Policy Studies
Chair, UCLA Program on Mexico
President, PROFMEX
1242 Lachman Lane, Pacific Palisades, CA, 90272
Tel. cell (310) 454-8812, office 310-208 2244

Dr. Carlos Alberto Torres, UCLA Professor of Education
Director, UCLA Latin American Center
UCLA, Bunche 10343, 405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095-6859
Tel. (310) 825-4571, Fax (310) 206 6859
E-mail: and/or

Dr. Aida Mostkoff-Linares, Professor of Latin American History
Santa Monica College
1900 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405-1628
Tel: (310) 434 4597

Dr. Ronald E. Hellman, CUNY Professor of Sociology
Director, CUNY Center for Science and Society in the Americas
City University of New York
365 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10016
Tel. (516) 477-4011

Dr. Jesús Arroyo Alejandre, Professor and Dean, School of Economics
University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Tel: (011-52-33) 36-33-54-45

Dr. Iván T. Berend, UCLA Professor of East Central European History
Director, UCLA Center for Eastern Europe and Russian Studies
UCLA, 6343 Bunche Hall,405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel. (310) 825 1178
E-mail: iberend

Dr. Gérard Chaliand, Professor of World Geo-Politics
Paris Geo-Political Strategies, Inc.
63 Rue Pascal
Paris, France 75013
Tel. (33-1) 43-31-09-12

Dr. Richard Weiss, UCLA Professor of U.S. History
UCLA Bunche Hall 7256, 405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel. (310) 825 1779

Ana Torres-Bower, Professor of Philosophy
Former Dean of Social Sciences
Cerritos College
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, CA 90650
Tel: (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2778

Dr. Dumitru Pop, Professor of Folklore,
University of Babes-Bolyai,
Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu Nr. 1
Cluj Napoca, 3400, Romania
Tel. (40-64) 134-898

SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST: Google + Specialist and Developer

Proficient and Active On All Social Media Platforms;
LinkedIN: Dr Olga Lazin Andrei

Twitter: @olgamlazin & @olgalazin
Facebook: DrOlga Lazin & Olga Lazin
Instagram: #lazinolga
My Store:



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