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Saturday, July 22, 2017



Prepare your shipping confirmation file

After you receive an order notification and ship the order, you must confirm shipment. You can use the Shipping Confirmation template to upload confirmation information for multiple orders in a single file. This template includes validation macros that will help you successfully complete the template. You can choose whether to turn these macros on or off. We suggest that you keep them on until you learn how to use the template.
Note: If you split an order into multiple shipments, the entire order is charged and assigned the status "Payment Complete" as soon as the first shipment for the order is confirmed, even if there are more shipments yet to be made.
To prepare your Shipping Confirmation file: 
  1. Download and save a copy of the Shipping Confirmation template.
  2. Open the file and review the Instructions and Data Definitions tab.
  3. On the ShippingConfirmation tab, enter your shipping information, referring to the Data Definitions tab when necessary, especially the Important Notesand formatting guidelines (Accepted Values).
    Note: Set all of the columns to Text format (including ship-date) to prevent Excel from removing any leading zeroes. Enter ship-date in the following format: yyyy-mm-dd.
  4. When updating previously existing shipping information, select from the following options based on the result you want:
    • Overwrite previously existing data: New data will overwrite or replace the existing data.
      Example: New data in the tracking-number field will overwrite the existing data in tracking-number.
    • Do not overwrite previously existing data: An empty (blank) field will not overwrite or nullify the existing data.
      Example:  Leave the tracking-number blank so the previously uploaded data will remain (will not be overwritten nor nullified).
    • Delete previously existing data: Enter "NULL" (without the quotation marks) or leave the field empty (blank), and the data in that field will be deleted.
      Example: Enter "NULL" into the tracking-field or leave it empty (blank) to delete and nullify the previously uploaded data.
    Note: If an order includes more than one product or more than one unit of a product, and you are splitting the order into more than one shipment, then you need to include the following fields for each of the shipping confirmation records:
    • order-id
    • order-item-id
    • quantity
    • ship-date
  5. When you are finished, click Save As and select Text (Tab-delimited) (*.txt) from the file type list.
    • If you see a warning that the selected file format does not support workbooks containing multiple worksheets, click Yes.

Upload your shipping confirmation file

Once you have finished adding shipping information, upload your file on the Upload Order Related Files page.
To upload your Shipping Confirmation file:

  1. On the Orders link, select Upload Order Related Files.
  2. Select Shipping Confirmation at the top of the page.
  3. Under Upload Your Shipping Confirmation File, click Browse to locate your tab-delimited text file.
  4. Select the file and click Upload now.

Shipping confirmation fields

Not all fields are required. However, it is in your best interest to provide as much information as possible.
Field NameDefinitionRequiredAccepted ValuesExample
order-idUnique identifying number for an order. This number is provided in your Orders report and the Manage Orders tool.YesAlpha-numeric text 3-7-7 format058-3563777-5518068
order-item-idUnique identifying number for an item in an order. This number is provided in your Orders Report and on the Order Details page in Manage Orders.
Note: This is not the same as the product ASIN. The
order-item-id differs from order to order.
NoAlpha-numeric text 14 characters05835637773451
quantityItem quantity included in this order if more than one unit of an item was ordered.
Note: If you split an order, you must include a quantity in the shipping confirmation for each shipment, so customers know how many items to expect in each package when it arrives.
NoA positive integer1
ship-dateDate that you shipped the order.YesFormat: yyyy-mm-dd2005-11-19
carrier-codeAmazon's code for the shipping carrier that delivered the order, chosen from a drop-down menu. Note: If you are using an unlisted carrier, select "Other" and then enter the carrier name in the carrier-name field.No
  • A-1 Online
  • Canada Post
  • DHL
  • DHL Global Mail
  • FedEx
  • FedEx Smartpost
  • Lasership
  • Newgistics
  • OnTrac
  • UPS
  • Urban Express
  • USPS
  • Other
carrier-nameShipping carrier that delivered the order. Use only if carrier-name is "Other."NoAlpha-numeric text 1 to 50 charactersRoadway Express
tracking-numberShipping carrier's tracking ID for the order.NoAlpha-numeric text 1 to 50 characters22344455
ship-methodShipping method used to deliver the order. Best practice is to include the carrier name to ensure clarity.NoAlpha-numeric text 1 to 50 charactersFirst Class - UPS FedEx Ground

Note: For Premium Shipping a valid tracking ID is required for most orders. Failure to meet the required tracking rate for Premium Shipping orders may affect your eligibility to offer Premium Shipping Options. If you sell in the Office Products or Shoes categories, you're required to provide valid tracking numbers for 95% of US shipments. For more information, see Requirements for Two-Day Shipping and Valid Tracking Rate.

HOW INQUIERIES INTO YOUR CREDIT< BRING DOWN UR CREDIT: 5 Reasons You Might Not Recognize A Credit Report Inquiry | WalletHub®

5 Reasons You Might Not Recognize A Credit Report Inquiry | WalletHub®:
Reasons You Might Not Recognize A Credit Inquiry
Inquiries into your credit history can be made for any “permissible purpose,” which includes the extension of credit, insurance underwriting, employment decisions and debt collection. Not all credit inquiries impact your credit standing, however. “Soft” inquiries – such as when you review your credit file on WalletHub, a creditor prescreens you for an offer or a potential employer performs a credit check – won’t have any bearing on your credit score. “Hard” inquiries, on the other hand, typically occur when you apply for credit, sign up for certain utility services or, in some cases, seek to rent a property. They can take a temporary toll on your score and usually require your direct approval.
It’s therefore understandable if you’re worried about a listing that you do not recognize, as a suspicious inquiry could be the first sign that your personal information has been compromised. However, there are a number of reasons why a newly-added inquiry might not jog your memory despite actually being legitimate:
  1. Retailers Partner With Banks For Store Credit Cards & Financing Offers:Most major retailers want to give their customers the option of financing a purchase and/or earning rewards, but they don’t want to handle the logistics of issuing and maintaining financial accounts. So they partner with financial institutions. That’s why you might see an inquiry from Example Bank USA listed on your credit report after you apply for the Sample Store Rewards Credit Card, for instance.
  2. Employers, Landlords & Utility Companies Often Contract-Out Credit Screening: There are companies and services that specialize in background checks, which often include a review of your credit history. So, if you moved or changed jobs recently, the inquiry that you’re seeing could be from such a contractor. Employment and housing-related inquiries can be either hard or soft, depending on how they’re processed.
  3. A Higher Credit Limit May Require A Credit Report Checkup: Credit card companies will typically perform an inquiry after you request a higher credit limit, which may explain an inquiry from one of your existing creditors that you do not recognize. Unlike the soft credit inquiries that creditors perform as part of regular account maintenance, consumer-initiated requests for a higher credit limit typically result in a hard inquiry being made.
  4. Authorized Third Parties Can Rate Shop On Your Behalf: In some cases, most notably with car dealers, a single request for a financing estimate can result in credit inquiries from a number of different lenders. For example, if you’re shopping for a new car and you ask the dealer about the loan terms you can expect, the dealer might seek preapproval from numerous lenders in order to present you with a competitive offer.
  5. Permission To Run A Credit Check Is Often Buried In Fine Print: If you’re wondering when you granted a particular company the right to poke around your credit report, don’t worry; it’s probably not your memory failing you. Oftentimes, language that allows a company (or one of its affiliates) to access your credit file is buried in the fine print of a related agreement that you might have signed, such as a rental or job application.
Finally, it’s important to acknowledge the possibility that this unrecognized credit report inquiry is fraudulent. A suspicious inquiry could be the first sign of an identity thief applying for credit in your name. If you believe this is the case, follow these steps.
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HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON : "Sell on Amazon" from product detail pages
From the product detail page, click the "Sell on Amazon" button to add an offer to the same product that already exists in the Amazon catalog. All you're require to enter is price, quantity and condition (new or used) and save your updates. Your offer will show up on Amazon and on your Manage Inventory page within 15 minutes.
“Add a Product” within Seller Central
The Add a Product experience also allows you to match to an existing product listing on Amazon. If you have a new product listing that isn’t already on Amazon, you can create a new product detail page. Add a Product is designed for adding a small number of products one at a time. To get started, click on “Add a Product” under the Inventory tab in Seller Central.
Variations are created through parent/child relationships
Let’s say you sell a pair of shoes in 7 different colors and 9 different sizes resulting in 63 different products. The base shoe product without the variation information (e.g., “Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker”) is referred to as the “Parent”. Each of the 63 variations is a “Child”. The Parent isn’t an item that can be purchased – it’s just the shared product information that applies to all of the Child items. Each of the Child items is an item for sale and must be listed with the specific variation (e.g., color, size) and offer information (e.g., price, quantity).

Share your real-time location with others - iPhone & iPad - Google Maps Help

Share your real-time location with others - iPhone & iPad - Google Maps Help:

Share your real-time location with others

You can choose who can see where you are and for how long. 

If they have a Google Account

  1. If you haven't already, add their Gmail address to your Google Contacts.
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app Google Maps and sign in. Learn how to sign in.
  3. Tap the Menu Menu and then Share location and then Add People Add people.
  4. Choose how long you want to share your location.
  5. Tap Select People.
  6. If you’re asked about your contacts, give Google Maps access.
  7. Choose a person.
  8. Tap Share. The person you chose will see that you shared your location with them.
Note: The first time you share your location, you’ll be asked to turn on Location History. Learn about Location History.

If they don't have a Google Account

To send your location to someone who doesn’t have a Google Account, share your location with a link.
  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app Google Maps and sign in. Learn how to sign in.
  2. Tap the Menu Menu and then Share location and then Add People Add people.
  3. Tap Message to send via iMessage, or More More and then select a different app. People with this link will see your real-time location for as long as you choose, up to 72 hours.

Stop sharing

  1. Open the Google Maps app Google Maps.
  2. Tap the Menu Menu and then Share location.
  3. Turn off the switch next to the person with whom you want to stop sharing.

See where someone is

If someone shares their location with you, you can see them on the map.
  1. Open the Google Maps app Google Maps.
  2. Tap the Menu Menu and then Share location.
  3. Choose someone.
  4. To see an updated location, tap on a friend’s icon and then More More and then Refresh.

Stop seeing someone's location

  1. Open the Google Maps app Google Maps.
  2. On the map, tap their icon.
  3. At the bottom, tap More More.
  4. To temporarily hide someone, tap Hide [name] from map. You can stop hiding them at any time.
Note: You can stop someone’s location from ever appearing on your map. Learn how to block another person’s account.

Stop hiding someone

  1. Tap the Menu Menu and then Share location and then More More.
  2. Tap Hidden from map and then More More and then Show on ma

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PLANNING YOUR CAREER: (8) DrOlgaLazin: Buddhist PRAISE: Listend And Relax: ANUGAMA SUPERB FOR SLEEPING-RELAXATION, My Pics in Beverly Hills At Vila Blanca | Pinterest

(8) DrOlgaLazin: Buddhist PRAISE: Listend And Relax: ANUGAMA SUPERB FOR SLEEPING-RELAXATION, My Pics in Beverly Hills At Vila Blanca | Pinterest:


Gheorghe ZAMFIR SONG Most beautiful Ever: The LOnely Sheperd and Summer of 42

Gheorghe ZAMFIR: podcast: PROVIDER julycom:

Gheorghe ZAMFIR Superb si linistitor, asculta si tu;

Dear Olga,

This is Shameer from iTunes Store Customer Support.

I wanted to send you a quick message here. It looks like we were disconnected, possibly due to a network connection error.

Olga, I would suggest you to try the below troubleshooting steps which may resolve your issue.

If you need assistance you can contact us using the link:

Just enter your Chat reference number (100242191632)

Please be sure to contact us back, if its not me one of my colleague will definitely help you.

Thank you again for choosing Apple!

iTunes Store Customer Support.
Based on the details you provided, we think you might find the following information helpful:

We are here to help. At Apple Support, you can learn more about your product, download the latest software updates, and share tips and solutions with other users. You can also find out the best way to contact us.

Apple Support

Find My iPhone has been disabled on Olga Lazin.
With Find My iPhone disabled, this device can no longer be located, placed in Lost Mode, or remotely erased using or the Find My iPhone iOS app.
In addition, your Apple ID and password will no longer be required for someone to erase, reactivate, and use your iPhone.


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Buddhist PRAISE: Listend And Relax: ANUGAMA SUPERB FOR SLEEPING-RELAXATION, My Pics in Beverly Hills At Vila Blanca

I adore this Buddhist
hist song: 21 minutes!





Link Paste and Match :

INNOVATIVE HEALING PODCAST: JULY 21, 2017. Dr Liz Lipsi: Health Information